Round 5 Champion Rob Snowden 2nd O/a on the Warcop Stages - 1st April 2018

Rob Snowden drove very well all day to secure 2nd o/a on Sunday, he was held up by a car on one of the stages that lost him 30 odd seconds, and that was the result time between 1st and 2nd he said, saying if that hadn't of happened he would of taken the battle to the end. After last weekends victory on the Dcc Stages Gordon Morrison started off with a nightmare of a stage, and limped back in to find that the air filter had been sucked into the turbo intake pipe, as a result retired, He is still the Championship Leader but crews are closing the gap on his lead. Next championship crew were Iain Wilson and Chris Williams, they took their mk2 escort into 3rd o/a making the rally a mk2 escort 1,2,3 lockout! Lee Hastings and Cole Hasting drove a good rally to finish 6th, Stevie Irwin in his little Nova finished 7th o/a with a very frustrated Barry Lindsay finishing 8th after a problem on a stage, Stephen Bethwaite and Ann Forster had a fantastic result finishing in a very respectful 16th.